Investor Relations

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Investor FAQs

When was ATN founded?
When did ATN go public?
What year was ATN incorporated and in what state?
Where is ATN stock traded?
Has ATN had any stock splits?
How can I invest in ATN?
Does ATN pay a cash dividend?
Does ATN have a DRIP plan?
Does ATN have a direct stock purchase plan?
What is ATN's CUSIP number?
Who is ATN's stock transfer agent and how do I contact them?
Where are my stock certificates?
Who do I contact about replacement of stock certificates?
What is ATN's fiscal year?
Who are the financial analysts that follow ATNI?
Who is ATN's Independent Auditors?
Who is ATN's outside Legal Counsel?
Who are the members of ATN's Board of Directors?
What are the Committees of the Board of Directors and does each Committee have a written charter?
Who can I contact about specific investor relations issues?
Where can I get access to ATN's Financial and other SEC reports?
How do I join a mailing or conference call distribution list?
When is ATN's next earnings release?
Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?